In the three-year-old Kinder room, we cater to the needs of up to 14 three- to four-year-old children a day, with two degree-qualified Early Childhood Kindergarten Teachers. Children must be three or turning three years old by the 30th of April to be eligible to access the three-year-old Kindergarten program.

We educate and care for these children in line with the Centre’s philosophy and strongly believe in learning through play. We promote literacy, numeracy and extend the children’s interests in the world of science and technology. We are currently running an Auslan language program, and we have regular music and sport incursions.

Our curriculum is tailored to children’s individual needs and interests and their level of development. We take our cues from the world around us, and from the children themselves. This means learning about themes as diverse as Chinese New Year, outer space, the human body, or whatever else the children’s imaginations might bring to the room. Communication with parents plays a vital role in our program planning and we welcome parents’ suggestions and ideas.

Our three-year-old Kinder children learn to appreciate and care for the environment and to recognise the beauty in the world around them. They are actively involved in looking after our vegetable and garden patches and in collecting eggs from the chickens.

We also make sure there is lots of time for the children just to be kids; running, climbing, digging, jumping, drawing, singing, dancing and playing freely, in whichever ways they choose. We respect and promote diversity and our goal is to create an enjoyable environment for all the children in our care and their families.

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“We have two children here and love it. It’s simply a magnificent early childhood centre with a great approach to education and care. The not-for-profit setup allows for high staff-to-children ratios and all the benefits that brings, including:

1. happy staff who love their jobs and the kids under their care
2. happy kids who are nurtured, challenged and constantly exposed to new experiences
3. great food and a natural, unregimented approach to meal times
4. a great outside area and yard.

What else… did I mention my kids are really happy there?

I think this is the way child care should be run.”

– Three-year-old Kinder parent

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