The children in these two age groups have separate home rooms and educators, but play together freely. We run a flexible infant and toddler program that supports children’s emotional wellbeing, while enhancing social, cognitive, creative and physical development. Our environment reflects and supports each child’s individual needs and caters for a variety of ages.

Infant room

This room caters for up to 12 children ranging in age from six months to around two years old, cared for by four educators.

Toddler room

Similarly to the Infant room, the Toddler room caters for up to 12 children each day, aged between approximately two and three years old. Four educators are always on hand to care for these children.


Our orientation process usually involves four visits, beginning with an hour-long ‘get-to-know-you’ session which parents are invited to stay for.

The next three visits increase in length, and the last orientation session is usually an all-day visit. This process allows educators, families and children plenty of time to develop an early relationship with each other before care officially starts.

When they begin orientation at WCCC, each child is paired up with an educator who becomes their special carer for the year. This carer, as far as is practicable, is always the one changing their nappies, sitting with them at mealtimes and helping them get to sleep, which ensures children feel secure and happy in the childcare environment.

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Our program

During their time in the Infant and Toddler rooms, children reach many significant milestones and we feel very privileged to share these with families.

We endeavor to help children to become confident learners in their environment, encouraging them with their motor development, language skills, life skills and relationships with peers and educators.

We run an indoor/outdoor program in order to meet the children’s needs for sensory and tactile experiences, such as listening to the chickens clucking and feeling the sand between their toes. The children’s physical skills are enhanced with climbing, running, painting and construction just to name a few.

We encourage the children to sing and dance and listen to stories, which helps their vocabulary and language skills develop, allowing them to communicate with peers and adults to express their wants and needs.

We base our program on the idea that children learn about their place in the world through each of their five senses.

In the Infant and Toddler rooms the children:

  • taste the delicious food
  • touch messy finger paint, playdough, water and natural materials
  • learn to listen to each other and to educators with respect and joy
  • learn about the smells of the different seasons, the rain, flowers, cooking and the familiar scents of their educators and families
  • see the variety of colours and textures that fill the rooms, and develop the security of seeing familiar faces.
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