What makes WCCC so special?

We do things a little differently at Windsor Community Children’s Centre…


The Centre is not a commercial business. We are managed by a committed group of parents, with extremely dedicated and highly qualified educators. We have a transparent accounting system and are in sound financial shape, which means we can focus on what is best for our children, rather than shareholders’ profits.

The Co-operative

Put simply, the Co-op is us. It’s the parents of the WCCC kids, meeting once a month to make decisions on running the Centre, for our kids now, and for the kids of Windsor in the future. In practical terms:

  • we organised for the front mural to be painted
  • we run the working bees
  • we make sure there’s money in the accounts to pay the educators
  • we set the daily fees each year
  • we organise the fete, the social gatherings, the Easter raffle, the trivia night, the Christmas trees, etc.
  • we make sure there are policies in place for every element of day-to-day care of our children.

We are the ‘Community’ of Windsor Community Children’s Centre. We’d love you to join us.


It is our policy to exceed the government’s minimum standards for educator-to-child ratios. There are four educators caring for 11 children in our Infant room and another four educators in our Toddler room, which caters for 12 children. (Most centres run at the minimum requirement of 1:4.) In the Kindergarten rooms, there is an educator for every 7 three-year-olds and every 8 four-year-olds, rather than every 11 children as mandated.


Our educators are extremely highly qualified, with most possessing either diploma or degree-level Early Childhood qualifications, rather than the minimum standard Cert III qualifications. Each of our Kindergarten rooms is run by two degree-qualified Early Childhood Kindergarten Teachers, which is a rarity in childcare settings.

Outdoor space

Our enormous outdoor space is invisible from the outside, but is one of our most loved assets. Dedicated sandpits, water areas, muddy puddles, sensory gardens and vegetable patches are surrounded by lots of room for running, jumping, climbing and hiding.


A nutritious and varied vegetarian/pescatarian menu is provided for our children each day. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack are all cooked on-site by our qualified chef, using herbs and vegetables grown in our garden, and eggs laid by our chickens. All allergies and intolerances are catered for. The Centre is nut-free and sugar is definitely a ‘sometimes’ food.

Model centre

We have been a model childcare centre for universities such as Swinburne, Melbourne, La Trobe and RMIT for many years. Students and educators from all over the country and the world are regular visitors to our Centre in their quest to see how a best-practice service is run.


All of our polices are available in hard copy at the front office. Current families can view the policies using the password.